Anthony was so emotional that he had to be escorted on the set by Maury. "You sure you want to do this?", Maury asked. Anthony responded, "She gotta know, I gotta tell her." He had to tell his wife of 15 years Shray that he's been cheating with her sister for two years. When she learned of this, she slapped him and walked backstage. Maury followed behind and escorted her back on the set to hear the last part of the secret-her sister is possibly six months pregnant with Anthony's baby. She then began sobbing. Anthony said he wanted to be with his wife, not her sister, but Shray said "If he wanted to be with me, he wouldn't have messed with her."

Maury had Anthony and Shray meet with his counselor, but it appeared that the marriage was over. Backstage, Anthony was begging for forgiveness while Shray told him "You've destroyed our marriage. You've destroyed our family. Go be with her."

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