18 year old Aris was on the show with her mother Dawn. Aris slept with Dawn's then boyfriend, 32 year old Thomas and later gave birth to a daughter named Nicole. Thomas denied he was the father. Dawn said she "cried harder than I ever had before" when Aris told her she was pregnant. She was furious at Thomas for sleeping with her daughter and denying her granddaughter. She said she forgave her daughter but that there would be "no way" she would forgive Thomas. When Maury asked Aris why she didn't tell her mother right away when she was pregnant, Aris claimed she didn't know she was pregnant until four months later. When Maury asked Dawn if she would want to be with Thomas now, she said "No! No!"

Thomas admitted he slept with Aris but he claimed that he was not able to have kids because he was shot in the buttocks. He also claimed that Aris slept around and that she came on to him. The DNA test proved that Thomas was not the father of Nicole.

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