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Name Ashley
Gender Female
Age 13
Partner Unknown
Family Lynnette (mother)
Reason for Visit Being out of control
Aftermath Sent to jail for the day

Lynnette took her daughter Ashley on the Maury Show because she was concerned about her being an out of control teen. Ashley was sneaking out of the house almost every night, and at the age of thirteen she was trying to get pregnant. She admitted to having sex several times a day to try and get pregnant. She also admitted having sex for money and drinking alcohol often. She said that she's sick and tired of her mom getting in all of her business and that she needs to back off. She explains how she sneaks out every single night just to have sex and that no one can do anything about it. She said that she had sex in the movie theatre bathroom and public restroom. She said that she had sex 4 times a day trying to get pregnant and that she doesn't care who the dad is - she just wants a baby. She drinks almost every single night and vodka is her favorite liquor. However, Ashley revealed 2 shocking secrets to her mother. Ashley's first secret, having sex with men for money and gifts. And Ashley's second secret, making her own sex videotapes with other men especially on the internet. Ashley said that she made 5 sex videos and that they could be anywhere right now. Maury then explains to Ashley that Child pornography is a federal crime in the United States, and illegal in other nations around the world including Australia, Canada, and Great Britain. Her mother, Lynnette, was reduced to tears.


Maury Povich - I'M 13 AND MY GOAL IS TO BE A POLE DANCER!!!! (2008)

Maury Povich - I'M 13 AND MY GOAL IS TO BE A POLE DANCER!!!! (2008)