Alia (daughter)

Reason for visit

Afraid that after finding sexy text messages on his girlfriend's phone from another man that his daughter may not be his


He was proven not to be the father.

Corey came on to the show for a DNA test to find out if he was the father of his girlfriend, La'Kendra's, 5 month old daughter, Alia. He said he found sexy text messages on La'Kendra's phone from another man, named Charles. He also said he called Charles and found out they were having sex. He also said hearing that Charles may have been his daughter's real father destoryed him. He even said he was praying the DNA test would prove he was the father of La'Kendra's baby, not Charles. His girlfriend said she felt bad about cheating on him, but she believed he was her baby's dad. His girlfriend also said she was not sure who she wanted to be with, him or Charles. His girlfriend's "sex partner" said there was a good chance that he was the father of La'Kendra's baby. His girlfriend's "sex partner" also said he had sex with La'Kendra a week ago, even though she was still dating him. The DNA test proved that he was not the father of La'Kendra's baby, but that Charles was the baby's father.

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