Corey controls his wife Lisa by forcing her to cook and clean and if it’s not cooked perfectly, he will throw it on the floor and make her eat off it. He forces her on her knees and beats her with a belt. He has choked Lisa in front of her daughter. He locks her in a five-by-five closet he calls the “punishment room”. He also goes the bars and brings back other women to have threesomes with him. When she goes outside the house, he strip searches her upon her return and sniffs her panties. He limits her to 45 minutes daily outside and doesn’t let her see her friends.

Maury escorted Lisa from backstage. She says Corey will lock her in the “punishment room” for hours if she disobeys him. Her daughter Brittany did not attend their wedding because she didn’t want her mother to marry Corey. She pulled divorce papers from her pocket, which Corey immediately grabbed from her and ripped them to pieces. He then forced her to get on her knees and attempted to beat her with his belt but Maury stopped him. Brittany came out from backstage and screamed at her stepfather and had to be restrained by security. When Maury asked Brittany what she thought of Corey, she shouted “I think he’s an ass!” She said that her 10 year son witnessed Corey choking his grandmother.

Later in the episode, Dr. Jenn Mann, who hosts a reality show on VH1 spoke with Corey and the other men on the set. She said that “there is not a man on this stage who is inspiring the women they claim to love”, and suggested that the men are “really pathologically jealous and insecure”. She noted that Corey’s father beat him with a belt which contributed to his behavior toward Lisa.

After the show, Corey and the other men were taken to the Hudson County, New Jersey jail where they were locked in cells as a warning what could happen if they continue their abusive behavior. Corey was later reunited with Lisa and Brittany and vowed to stop his abuse.