Episode: I'm terrified of chalk, hair and circus clowns.

Phobia? Critters as she calls them (caterpillars, worms and butterflies)

she couldn't even say the names and she kept touching Maury and grabbing him while they were talking ans kept jumping saying "Lord, Jesus" and kept screaming and laughing at the same time.

Reaction? She ran threw the audience, then managed to reach backstage and hided behind the pole covering her face and screaming.

Guest? She was the first guest.

Bonus: the next guest was afraid of spiders, when she saw them on the screen she screamed so then, cynthia stood up and said "you're screaming, I'm going", then Maury and the audience laughed. She ran backstage again and threw her water bottle that was still open and then stayed behind the audience.

cured? She held a terrium which contained them.

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