Dina and Anthony are paternity guests on the Maury Show who appeared on the show 2 times in 2005.

Dina and Anthony

Guests type

Recurring paternity guests

Number of appearances


Dates of appearances

May 6, 2005 / May 9, 2005


Dina: 40+, Anthony: Probably in 20s when he died before his first appearance

Anthony had been murdered about 2 years prior and his mother Dina brought his ashes on the show during both of their appearances.

Dina and her son Anthony first appeared on the show on May 6, 2005, because a woman named Heather was claiming Anthony was the father of her daughter Toni. Dina seriously doubted this and even implied she believed Heather may have been involved in the murder of Anthony. Dina also said Heather was just looking for money and attention. DNA tests proved Anthony was the father of Heather's daughter Toni.

Then, on May 9, 2005, in the episode "13 Men Tested Already...Will I Find The Dad Today?" Dina and Anthony returned because another woman named Tammy believed Anthony was the father of her daughters. This time, Dina believed Tammy's daughters were her granddaughters and Dina said that she looked at Tammy as a daughter, and Tammy said that since her own mother was deceased, she looked upon Dina as a surrogate mother. DNA tests proved that Anthony was the father of both of Tammy's daughters. Dina and Anthony have not appeared on the show since.

Trivia Edit

Anthony is probably the only person in the history of the Maury Show who was deceased before their appearance on the show. His mother Dina brought his ashes onstage, saying that "he needed to be here".

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