Forever was a recurring paternity test who appeared on the Maury Show 6 times between February 2006 and May 2008. She had 7 DNA tests for her 3 children, testing 5 different men in all. She tested 1 of those men, Terrence, for the paternity of all 3 of her children, and he was proven to not be the father of any of them. Forever was not able to find the father of any of her children.

Appearances Edit

Forever first appeared on Maury in February 2006 and claimed a man named Terrence was the father of her daughter Eternity. Terrence did not believe he was the father, accusing Forever of sleeping with 14 men in one night and of wanting to extort money from him. Terrence was proven not to be Eternity's father. Forever returned in May 2006 to test a second man named Aaron. Aaron really didn't want to be the father, but he consoled Forever when she ran backstage after Aaron was proven not to be the father. In July 2006, Forever returned with 2 men, Nick and Lee. Nick wanted to be Eternity's father and provided for her, but Lee did not believe either himself or Nick was the father of Forever's baby. Nick was Caucasian, while Forever's baby was clearly totally African-American. Neither Lee nor Nick was the father of baby Eternity. Forever returned for a 4th time in September 2006 with a man named Charles. Charles was not convinced he was Eternity's father and even said he would jump off the Empire State Building if he was proven to be the father. Charles, the 5th man tested, was proven not to be Eternity's father.

Forever had a new baby and was pregnant again in February 2007. This time, she had a new baby named Christopher and she was claiming that Terrence, the first man she tested for her oldest daughter Eternity, was the father. Terrence was proven for a 2nd time to not be the father of Christopher and he broke up with Forever on the show after finding this out.

For her most recent appearence in May 2008, Forever returned with the baby she was pregnant with at the time of her previous appearance. She was claiming yet again, that Terrence was the father of her new baby Sincere. And yet again, Terrence was proven to not be the father. We have not seen Forever since that appearance.

Trivia Edit

Forever and Rebecca, a recurring paternity guest from 2010-2013, are the only 2 recurring paternity guests who have had more than 5 tests for all 3 of their children, are the only guests who were unable to find the father of any of them.

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