Reason for Visit

To find out if her fiancé, Danny was cheating on her with prostitutes


The lie detector test determined her fiancé was cheating with prostitutes and that he didn't want to marry her.


Jamie came to the show because she feared her fiance, Danny, was cheating on her with prostitutes. She said she caught a prostitute in her house wearing her underwear. She also said the wedding was off if she found out Danny was cheating. Her fiance said he took a lie detector test to prove he was not cheating. Her fiance also said he loved her and would never cheat on her. Her fiance even said he gave a woman some of her clothes, but he didn't cheat. She said Danny gave her brand-new underwear to a prostitute. She also said a prostitute told her that she had sex with Danny. According to the lie detector test, her fiance cheated with the woman who texted him, her fiance slept with the woman wearing her panties, her fiance did give her panties to a prostitute, her fiance slept with another woman in their bed, and her fiance did not want to marry her.

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