Jamie was on the show to reveal a secret to her boyfriend Chad and her sister Leah. The secret was that Jamie was cheating with Leah's boyfriend Eric. Eric and Chad are also best friends. After the audience reacted to the secret, Maury said "You know what everybody's saying Jamie? You're nasty." When he asked Jamie what the chances of Leah and Chad both forgiving her, Jamie replied "Not good." She said that she slept with Eric "over 50 times."


When Chad and Leah came out from seclusion backstage, Maury, rather than Jamie, revealed the secret to them. Leah then had to be restrained by show security while Chad was demanding an explanation from Jamie. In a video taped message, Eric apologized to Leah and Chad but admitted he was still having feelings for Jamie. He said that he knew that sleeping with Jamie was wrong. Maury then ordered everyone seated and said "If I bring this guy out here, is anybody getting up out of their chairs?" Leah and Chad said yes. When Eric came out, security had to restrain Leah and Chad. Jamie then briefly walked backstage. Maury asked Leah if she can forgive Jamie or Eric and she responded "No, hell no! I don't need neither one them in my life."