John and Chasity were on the show when she found out he was cheating with pregnant women and drinking their breast milk. They made another appearance two weeks later for John to tell Chasity a secret. He handed her a bouquet of flowers, got on one knee and revealed he cheated again with her best friend Jill. Before he could finish telling the rest of the secret, Chasity walked off backstage, followed by Maury and John. John then told Chasity he may have fathered a child with Jill and then Chasity screamed loudly.

After walking back on stage Maury revealed that John was not the father of Jill's child. John appeared visibly relieved, but when Maury asked Chasity if she could forgive John she said "No, we're through".

A year later, John and Chasity returned a third time. Her sister Michelle confessed that John paid her $200 for sex.

John and Chasity eventually got married but nearly 10 years later they were back on the show, with Chasity accusing John of sleeping with her aunt Glenda. John and Glenda both denied the accusations, repeatedly shaking their heads no while backstage. However, Glenda made a recorded confession admitting she had sexual contact with John one time. Specifically, she said he touched her private parts, but still denied they had sexual intercourse. However, the lie detector test revealed Glenda never had sexual contact with John and that she is attempting to ruin John's and Chasity's marriage.

John's lie detector test revealed Glenda made sexual advances toward him and that he has cheated with other women since their last appearance several years ago and has also paid for sex.

After the show, John admitted to executive producer Paul Faulhaber that he has a sexual addition but that it is fueled in part by seeing pictures of other men on Chasity's phone. John agreed to seek treatment for his sex addition if Chasity took a lie detector test, which she passed.

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