John controlled his fiancee Liz and would frequently beat her with a broom. If she disobeyed him, John would lock her in the bathroom and cut off the water. When she wanted something to drink, John suggested she drink out of the toilet. John demanded that he, instead of Liz, be the first one on the set. John prohibited Liz from seeing her family and once slashed her tires. A video was shown of John hitting a chair with his broom, demonstrating how hard he hits Liz.

Liz was so scared to come out from backstage that Maury had to escort her out on the set. She feared that John would beat her with the broom but Maury said he would have John arrested if he did. She said she still wanted to marry John despite his physical abuse, which he started when they decided to marry.

After the show, John was locked in a bathroom by Dr Jeff Gardere and Kali Muscle who later showed graphic crime scene photos of Liz being beaten.

John and Liz came back on the show in a later episode. They got married and he stopped controlling her. When they came out on the set, they kissed and John tossed the broom aside. John spoke to the men on the show controlling their wives and significant others. He said the fake photos of Liz prompted him to change his behavior and credited Jeff Gardere and Kali Muscle.

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