the moment Justin realises he's corned.

Episode? 2002 a I'm terrified of chalk, hair and circus clowns.

phobia? Clowns.

Reaction? Tried to go backstage, but surrounded by clowns so he ran through the audience and jumped over the banister to go backstage.

Guest? He was the 5th guest. There was a total of six guests.

Bonus? When Maury started talking about clowns he felt like he couldn't talk or breathe and he was crying so the guest that was going to be next (the woman with the black trousers, black button jacket and black hat with blonde average sized hair), said what's happening, Justin started saying I can't do it so he got comforted by the guest before him, Sheri (afraid of chalk).

Bonus #2? Juana (who's supposed to be afraid of spiders), when clowns appeared on the screen and Maury said "Justin, is afraid, I dear you to laugh, of clowns", Maury started giving this look to Juana and said, "Juana you Don't like,.." And got interupted by Juana by saying "Lord may you have mercy Barbie, can I sit on your leg please" (fearfully) and sat on the woman's leg at the audience that got emotional when Juana got cured.


Justin jumps over the banister like a man to go backstage.