Karen, in May 2006

Guest type

Wild teen/cheating victim/other woman

Number of appearances


Date of appearances

May 2006 - February 2012



Karen was a guest on the Maury Show who appeared at least 4 times between May 2006 and 2012. During her first appearance at the age of 15, Karen was brought on the Maury Show by her mother JoeAnn because Karen was addicted to sex, verbally abusive, wanted to have a baby, shockingly admitted to losing her virginity at 8 and JoeAnn feared Karen was selling her body and sleeping with men at JoeAnn's job. Not only was this true, but the lie detector determined Karen slept with more than 20 guys, and she slept with 3 of her mother's customers. During her second appearance, Karen returned because she was still out of control. She admitted to sleeping with 9 additional men since the last show, bringing the total up to more than 29 men. Karen stopped appearing on the show for a couple years until she finally returned in 2012 because she was convinced her boyfriend Maurice was cheating on her. A lie detector determined Karen's suspicions were true. During Karen's 4th appearance, she returned because a woman named Shuntia was now dating Maurice and Karen claimed she was still sleeping with him. A lie detector proved Karen right, she did sleep with Maurice while he was in a relationship with Shuntia. We have not seen Karen since, and that was in February 2012.

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