Kimberly had to confess to her cousin Vanessa, that she was having a three year affair with her boyfriend Grayline and may have fathered Kimberly's son. Kimberly and Grayline had sex over 50 times, most recently one week prior to appearing on the show. Vanessa, who cannot have children of her own, helps care for Kimberly's son

When Kimberly revealed she was having sex with Grayland, Vanessa walked off the stage sobbing while Kimberly was begging for forgiveness. They were escorted back by Maury so that Kimberly could tell Vanessa that Grayline may have fathered her son.

Grayline was unable to travel to New York to be on the show but took a DNA test and recorded a videotaped apology to Vanessa.

Prior to Maury revealing the DNA results, Vanessa indicated that she would be leaving Grayline. "He's out of the picture," she said. When Maury revealed that Grayline was not the father, the two women celebrated.

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