19 years old




David (son)

Reason for Visit

To prove to her ex-boyfriend, who is denying her baby, that he is her baby's father


Dorkish was the father of her baby.

LaTamara, 19, came to the show to prove her ex-boyfriend, Dorkish, 18, was her one year old son, David's, father. The DNA test would reveal if her ex-boyfriend fathered her son. She said Dorkish got her pregnant at 16 to keep her from college. She also said Dorkish was the dad and the DNA test would prove it. She also said it was hard being a teen mom and Dorkish needed to step up. She even said her son looked just like Dorkish because he was his father. Her ex-boyfriend said the DNA test would prove he was not the father of her son. Her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend, Nisha, said she was pinning her baby on him because she wanted him. She said Dorkish had to stop denying his son and start being a dad. Her ex-boyfriend said she told him another man was her baby's father. The DNA test proved her ex-boyfriend was the father of David.

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