Guest type

Recurring paternity guest

Number of appearances


Dates of appearances

April 29, 2004 / November 7, 2004


20s or 30s

Lakinia was a paternity guest on the Maury Show who appeared 2 times between April and November 2004.

She tested 2 different men for the paternity of her 2 children, the shocking part being that one of the men was her own brother, and the other man was her brother's half-brother. She was not able to find the father(s) of either of her children on the show.

Appearances Edit

Lakinia first appeared on Maury on April 29, 2004, which was a cheating episode. She tested a man named Quentin for the paternity of one of her children. Quentin was not the father, and he and Lakinia were both visibly upset by this. Then, on November 7 and 8, 2004, Lakinia returned again because she was unsure if Quentin or his brother, Curtis, was the father of her son Zion. Lakinia met Curtis at a family reunion (it's unsure whose family reunion it was because everyone in this episode was related to each other) and slept with him. Shockingly enough, it was later revealed that Curtis and Lakinia, who grew up in group homes, shared the same birth mother. Curtis actually wanted to be the father of Lakinia's son, Zion. A DNA test proved that Quentin was not the father, and he was upset that he was proven to be not the father of another one of Lakinia's children. A second DNA test proved that Lakinia's brother, Curtis, was also not the father of Lakinia's son, Zion. Curtis was upset by this and walked off of the stage. This is Lakinia's last confirmed appearance on the Maury Show.

Trivia Edit

Lakinia may be the only person in the history of the Maury Show to give a paternity test to a blood relative. Additionally, Lakinia is also unique because all 3 times she had paternity tests on the show, the tests were administered to people who were related to her (her brother and her stepbrother).

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