This is a list of Maury guests who have appeared on the show more than 10 times. Unsurprisingly, they are all recurring paternity guests.


Guest type Date of appearances Reason for appearing

(15 times)

Paternity guest/Cheater/Cheating victim September 2004-April 2013 Sholonda appeared because she cheated on her husband Tywrell with several men and she had 19 DNA tests for their 3 children. Tywrell was proven to be the father of her youngest 2 children, but she tested 17 men for her oldest, none were the father.

(14 times)

Paternity guest February 2001-February 2013 Marisol tested 17 men for her 6 children and she was only able to find the fathers of 3 of them on the show over a span of 12 years. She was able to find the fathers of her 2 youngest and her 3rd child.

(14 times)

Cheating victim/cheater/paternity guest September 2003-February 2014 Simone was cheated on with her sister by her boyfriend Jason. She later admitted to cheating on him over 200 times as well after a DNA test proved he was not the father of her son Lewis. She later tested 10 more men for Lewis and none of them were the father. In 2014, more than 6 years after her previous appearance, Simone returned because she was being cheated on again.
Georgetta (13 times) Paternity guest/other woman May 2001 - February 2006 Georgetta tested 14 men for her 3 daughters and was probably only able to find the father of only 1 of them. She also appeared in December 2004 because a woman was accusing her of sleeping with her boyfriend.

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