Since the show was recreated in 1998, the Maury Show has had several teenage paternity guests, the youngest of whom was 12 years old. This list is of every documented paternity guest aged 15 years old or younger.

Name and Age Date of Appearance Details of Appearance
Sommer (12) Feb. 7, 2005 12 year old Sommer got pregnant with her son Shyont'a when she was only 11. She had sex with a boy named Alex when she was in the 5th grade and she believed that either he or another boy was Shyont'a's father. Alex was proven not to be the father.
Sylvia (13) Nov. 7, 2004 Sylvia got pregnant at 12 and tested 2 boys, 15-year-old Justin, and his best friend, 16-year-old Jerod, for the paternity of her son Raoul. Sylvia wanted Justin to be the father and ran backstage crying after DNA tests proved Jerod was the father of her son, Raoul.
Jasmine (14) Mar. 23, 2004 Jasmine got pregnant with her 3 month old son, La'Quinton, when she was only 13 years old and she believed a man named Larry (no age given) was the father. Larry and his new girlfriend (Taisha, 17) both were not convinced, however, and Larry was proven to not be the father.
Brittany (14) Feb. 14, 2005 Brittany, 14, wanted to prove to her ex-boyfriend Chris (18) that he was the father of her 2-month-old daughter Ca'Mya. Chris and his mother did not believe he was the father. Brittany broke down after the tests revealed that Chris was not the father.
Decardo (14) Sep.-Dec. 2011 Decardo and his mother wanted to prove Decardo was not the father of 20-year-old Quintara's baby. Decardo had sex with Quintara multiple times when he was only 13 and she was 19. Decardo was not the father of Quintara's baby.
Benny and Yolanda (14) Early 2001 Yolanda and her grandmother wanted to prove to Benny he was the father of Yolanda's son. Benny was proven to be the father and he was very upset by this, but soon stepped up and took responsibility.
Shannon (15) Nov. 20, 2000 Shannon was on Maury because she was already married and she had to reveal 3 secrets to her husband Chris. She had sex with over 50 men, was prostituting and did not know if Chris was the father of her son. A DNA test proved Chris was the father of Shannon's son; however, future appearances made by Shannon indicate the relationship did not last.
Beonkia (15) Feb. 25, 2008 Beonkia appeared on a show dedicated to wild teens who wanted to have babies to convince them to not have kids because she was in the same situation. She wanted to prove to a man he was the father of her son, but DNA tests proved he wasn't.
Jesse and Crystal (15) Oct. 1, 2002 Crystal and Jesse had sex when Jesse was 13 and Crystal was 14, and soon after, Crystal was pregnant, and Jesse was denying he was the father. The DNA tests proved Jesse was the father and he took care of his daughter Hannah.
Curtis (15) May 6-7, 2004 Curtis was being accused of fathering a child with a girl named Erica (16). Curtis and his mother denied this, saying Curtis only had 1 testicle. Nevertheless, he was proven to be the father.
Ericka (15) May 2009 When Ericka was 13, she slept with a man named Freddie on a dare and got pregnant. Freddie was proven to be the father of Ericka's baby.
Tiffany (15) May 15, 2007 Around the time Tiffany got pregnant at 14, she admitted she cheated on her boyfriend Jeff with 4 men, 2 of whom were incarcerated. Jeff was not the father of Tiffany's baby son Aiden.
Sierra (15) '04-'05 Season Sierra was on the show to see if her 15-year-old ex-boyfriend Lloyd or his 17-year-old brother Cecil was the father of her daughter. Sierra denied sleeping with Cecil. Lloyd was proven to be the father of Sierra's daughter Amaya.

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