Screen Shot 2012-07-19 at 10.25.14 AM
Name Merrandaah
Gender Female
Age 15 years old (2013)
Partner Unknown
Family Hollie (mother)
Reason for Visit Being an out of control teen

Hollie took her daughter Merrandaah (who was held back in school twice) on the Maury Show because she was out of control. She stole two cars, one of which had crack and cocaine in them. She had already had sex with ten different boys. She said she dated older guys because she "knows what she wants". She also admitted to having sex in cars, and had sex for $500.

On the show, Merrandaah admitted that she also loves to go on the internet and post inappropriate pictures on MySpace, and look for boys to have sex with on various online chatrooms and whiteboards.  


Maury Povich - I'M 15 AND I LOVE TO DRINK AND DRIVE!!! (2008)07:06

Maury Povich - I'M 15 AND I LOVE TO DRINK AND DRIVE!!! (2008)

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