Michelle feared that her husband Curtis was cheating on her with other women, including her own 17 year daughter Renee, starting when she was 15. While Michelle was discussing her suspicions with Maury, Renee frequently shook her head no. Michelle says Curtis frequently sneaks out late at night (he said he was going to an auto parts store) and that he and Renee frequently whisper to each other. She says she fears going to the bathroom and leaving them alone together.

Curtis denied Michelle's accusations, saying that he never slept with Renee or any other woman. He says he cannot go anywhere without Michelle accusing him of cheating and that it hurts to be accused of having sex with his stepdaughter. When Maury asked Curtis if Michelle is living in a fantasy-land, he responded, "Yeah, pretty much, Maury."

When Renee appeared on the set, she also denied her mother's accusations and claimed that she called the show. "Why would I call the show if I knew I was guilty?", Renee asked. The lie detector test revealed that Curtis cheated with 13 women but he and Renee did not have sex.

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