Miko was a paternity guest who appeared on the show at least 2 times between February and May 2005.


Guest type

Paternity guest

Number of appearances


Dates of appearances

February 14, 2005 / May 20, 2005


Probably in 20s


During Miko's first appearance on February 14, 2005, she was unsure if a man named Jesse (who appeared on Maury once before) or his best friend Stucky was the father of her three-year-old daughter Keira. Miko initially told Jesse he was the father because "she didn't want to hurt his feelings". Jesse and Stucky both denied they were the father. Paternity tests proved that neither Jesse nor his best friend Stucky fathered Miko's daughter Keira.

Miko returned a few months later to reveal to her best friend that her boyfriend, Demarco, might be the father of Keira. However, paternity tests proved Demarco, the 3rd man tested, was not the father. This is Miko's last confirmed appearance on Maury.