Ricktoria and Clinton were recurring guests who appeared on the show 5 times between April 2004 and May 2007. All of those times, it was due to infidelities on Clinton's or Ricktoria's part.


Ricktoria appeared for the first time on April 29, 2004, in the episode "Stop Cheating On Me With My Mother", because she was convinced her boyfriend Clinton was sleeping with her mother Carol. Carol admitted to sleeping with Clinton and even admitted she was falling in love with Clinton. Ricktoria was very angry with her mother and Clinton, but she still forgave both of them.

For her 2nd appearance on November 11, 2004, Ricktoria appeared on the show because, yet again, she thought Clinton was intimate with her mother. Maury asked Ricktoria "What's going to happen if you find out they're doing it again?" "This is the last time, Maury", she reponded. During this appearance, not only did Clinton admit to sleeping with Carol twice, they also said Clinton was trying to get Carol pregnant. Even after all of this, Ricktoria forgave Clinton yet again, but her mother was never seen back on the show. A few months later, around May 2005, Ricktoria came back because she was convinced Clinton was cheating on her, but not with her mother. Ricktoria found a used condom in Clinton's jeans. Clinton admitted he cheated on Ricktoria with 20 different women and her best friend Tamika. This episode, along with the episode that aired in July 2004, are not mentioned in updates about Ricktoria. Finally, for their most recent appearance in May 2007, Ricktoria admitted she cheated on Clinton with his best friend Juan "more times than you can count on your fingers and toes". Juan admitted he slept with Ricktoria but said she needed consoling after she was cheated on "so I gave it to her." Ricktoria also told Clinton and Juan she was not pregnant with their baby after they both thought they got her pregnant. We have not seen Ricktoria since that appearance.


There have been rumors Ricktoria appeared on Jerry Springer in 2002 with Clinton, who admitted to sleeping with Ricktoria's sister, but this has not been confirmed for sure.