Tanya (sister)

Reason for Visit

Afraid that her boyfriend, Orlando, is cheating with her sister, Tanya


Orlando was cheating on Sabrina, and found her sister,Tanya, more attractive than Sabrina, but did not cheat with Tanya.

Sabrina came to the show because she feared the man she loved, Orlando, was cheating with her baby sister, Tanya. She said she caught Tanya on her knees in front of Orlando. She also said she walked in on Tanya pulling her pants up while Orlando was in the room. She had no idea Orlando was busted on video with a sexy decoy. Her boyfriend said he didn't cheat, she was just insecure. Her boyfriend also said he would never betray her by sleeping with her sister. Her boyfriend even said he and Tanya were changing clothes for work when she walked in. The video played, and she saw Orlando cheating with a sexy decoy. Her sister said she was looking for her earring when she caught her on her knees. Her sister also said she would never betray her by sleeping with her man. According to the lie detector results, her boyfriend admitted to erasing messages on his phone that would prove he cheated, her boyfriend cheated when he came home with his underwear inside-out, the marks on her boyfriend's body came from cheating, and her boyfriend was more attracted to Tanya than her, but her boyfriend never slept with Tanya.

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