Shantel suspected that her significantly younger boyfriend, Isaiah was cheating on her. Her daughter Tiffany, was likewise suspicious, and the lie detector proved Isaiah was cheating.

Shantel, 51, returned to the show four years later with another much younger man, 34 year old DeMarco, who she is engaged to and financially supports. Shantel says DeMarco is a ladies man and frequently sees her chatting with women and once caught him with his ex-girlfriend in her car and later found a pair of thong underwear. When Demarco comes home from work, Shantel says he often smells like sex, but Demarco, who works at an aquarium said he smells like fish because he's around them all day. Shantel responded he smells like "stale fish".

Shantel suspects that DeMarco is cheating on her with Tiffany. He says they spend time together and have fun, but denied engaging in sexual activity with her. Tiffany says she and her mother had a strained relationship but it has since improved. She believes DeMarco is a cheater.

Maury revealed the lie detector test results. Demarco admitted to the lie detector administrator he had sex with 3 women, but the test determined it was 5 women. The test also determined he has cheated while Shantel was at work and is using her for a place to live. He also admitted he spent money from his paycheck on other women. He refused to answer whether he was interested in being in a relationship with Tiffany.

Tiffany also took a lie detector test but instead, Maury asked her if she had sex with DeMarco and she nodded and said yes. When Maury asked her why she would embarrass and humiliate her mother, she responded "Revenge, I guess." She says she regrets sleeping with DeMarco and hopes her mother forgives her. Toward the end of the show, Shantel said she would attempt to forgive her daughter.

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