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Name Sholonda
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Partner Tywrell (husband)
Family Two daughters and one son
Reason for Visit Wanting to figure out the paternity of her 3 children/revealing secrets to her husband/hearing a secret from her husband
Aftermath Tywrell was proven to be the father of 2 of Sholonda's children except her oldest daughter Kayla, whom she tested 17 different men for and all were proven not to be the father

Sholonda is a recurring guest on the Maury Show infamous for having almost 20 DNA tests for her 3 children, including 1 daughter who she tested 17 different men for. During Sholonda's first appearance on September 28, 2004, she admitted she cheated on her husband Tywrell and said their daughter Kayla might not be his. The DNA tests proved Kayla was not Tywrell's biological child. Sometime between her first appearance and February 3, 2005, Sholonda appeared yet again because she needed a paternity test for her second daughter Tywreana. Tywrell said that he had doubts about Tywreana due to Sholonda's "confession". Tywrell was the father and this appearance is almost never mentioned in any of Sholonda's recent appearances. On Feb 3, 2005, Sholonda came back to the show. First, she "admitted" to her husband Tywrell that she cheated on him with 6 different men over 25 times, which later was proven to be a lie. Second, she tested 2 different men for her daughter Kayla. One man was Jesse, and the other man was Carlton. Carlton was Tywrell's best friend and the best man at their wedding. Neither of them were Kayla's father. Sholonda returned in March 2005 and tested 2 men, Kenneth and Larry, for the paternity of her daughter Kayla. Neither man believed that he was the father. Sholonda showed very little reaction when she found out neither Kenneth nor Larry was the father. Sholonda tested more men, possibly on May 9, and on Jun 30, 2005, and none of them were the father. During the June 30, 2005 appearance, she tested Tywrell's own cousin Aaron, who did not want to be the father and called Sholonda a ho. On September 16, 2005, Sholonda admitted she had gotten drunk at a party and slept with numerous men and in that same episode, Sholonda tested an 8th man for Kayla named Tristan. He was not the father. On February 20, 2006, Sholonda tested an 9th man for Kayla named Kenneth who appeared to not want to be Kayla's father. He was not Kayla's father. On May 1, 2006, Sholonda returned with a 10th man named Marcus. Marcus wanted to be Kayla's father but Sharron, his mother, harshly denied Kayla. Marcus was proven not to be the father of Kayla. On July 10, 2006, Sholonda returned for a 10th time with a man named Bernard, who was the 11th man being tested for Kayla. Bernard wanted to be Kayla's father but DNA tests proved he wasn't. Sholonda threw herself onto the floor at the end of the results. Then, on November 13, 2006, Sholonda tested a 12th man named Will for Kayla, who appeared to want to be Kayla's father, although the test proved he wasn't. During her 12th appearance on February 9, 2007, Sholonda tested 4 different men for Kayla at once. None of them were proven to be the father. On April 30, 2007, Sholonda returned for a 13th time to test a 17th man named Richaud for Kayla. Richaud was proven not to be Kayla's father. This result was so distressing Sholonda passed out on the staircase momentarily. This was the last time Sholonda tested any men for Kayla. Then, 9 months after that, on February 8th 2008 Tywrell and Sholonda returned because Sholonda cheated again and their 3rd child might not be Tywrell's. Tywrell was the father.

Finally, in April 2013, Sholonda and Tywrell returned for a 15th time. They were planning to renew their wedding vows for their 10 year anniversary. However, Tywrell he revealed he cheated with Sholonda's sister for a year and a half and he believed he fathered her son Keyshawn. He explained to Maury her sister, Nadeja, lived with them for a period of time and that he and Sholonda got into an argument after watching a rerun of one of the episodes they appeared on. Upon learning of the secret, Sholonda and Tywrell had to be separated by show security. Fortunately, Tywrell was proven not to be the father of Nadeja's baby. He asked Nadeja "Can I get my money back?".


Sholonda has had the most DNA tests out of any person in Maury history at 19 DNA tests for 3 children. She also holds the record for the most amount of men tested for any 1 child at 17 men for her daughter Kayla.

Sholonda appeared on the Maury Show the most times out of any Maury guest, at 15 times, followed by Simone and Marisol who both appeared on the Maury Show 14 times.


Epic faceplant on Maury

Epic faceplant on Maury