Paula suspected her 15 year old daughter Stormy has had sex with 20 boys on a school bus and also has had sex in exchange for money and drugs. She fears Stormy will end up pregnant or dead.


Paula said she found Stormy in bed with a boy who was pulling up his boxers and retreated into the closet. Paula summoned her mother Judy who confronted her granddaughter and the boy. "I told him to get his ass out of my house and if I had a belt I would have (bleeped) both of them," Judy said. The audience cheered loudly and Maury nodded in approval. Judy added "And he better not ever bring his ass to my house again.”

Stormy admitted in a videotaped message that she smokes pot but strongly denied the rumors of her sexual activity and other drug use. She urged her mother to stop listening to other people and start listening to her. When Maury asked Stormy about the sexual encounter in her bedroom, she said "I was (bleep)." and the audience groaned loudly. A lie detector test revealed that Stormy had sex with over 100 boys, each time unprotected and Stormy admitted to the lie detector administrator she had sex with seven boys at once.

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