Tasha had to confess to her fiance James that she slept with his brother Dave for two years and Dave may be the father of her daughter. Maury asked Tasha how he might react and she said "I don't know". When James found out Tasha was cheating with his brother, he said "My brother Dave? (bleep) My brother Dave?" and "Oh, hell" when he found out he may not be the father of his daughter. Dave came out on the set to apologize to James, saying his affair with Tasha "wasn't supposed to happen." James told Tasha "we're probably through".

Later in the episode Maury revealed the paternity test results. When he revealed that Dave was not the father, he and James jumped up celebrating. As Maury was preparing to read the rest of the results, James said "I'm gonna go home and see my baby", Maury said nervously while holding the results, "You are, right?" When Maury revealed that James was not the father either, he jumped out his chair again, shouting "What?!" Tasha quickly retreated backstage. "I want both of you to meet with my counselor." Maury said.