Victoria Thompson

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Name Victoria Thompson
Gender Female
Age 15 at first appearance, 18 on later appearance, today in her 20s
Partner Naul
Family Vicki (mother) Javen Angel (son)
Reason for Visit Her mother Vicki took her on the show to prevent her from having a baby, she later got on the show for a paternity test, once she had her baby.
Aftermath She got pregnant after the initial appearance, and later tested her baby for paternity

Victoria Thompson is probably one of the most memorable teen female guests ever to have went on the Maury Show, with her mother Vicki. Vicki was worried that Victoria, who was only just fifteen years old, was trying to have a baby. Victoria proudly confirmed that she has had sex over three-hundred times, currently slept with multiple men, and was already hoarding baby supplies for when she had her baby. She even admitted to having sex over 100 times all around town in malls, playgrounds, in the staircase of a building, and also in public parks, only to confirm her mother's fears of her wild promiscuity in an even worse fashion than thought of before.

First appearanceEdit

Victoria confirmed that she had slept with several men and had sex over three-hundred times but was still unable to get pregnant. She bought baby clothes and declared she would steal and prostitute her body in order to provide for her baby and put her baby in brand-name clothing. Her main reason for having a baby was that "all my girls have babies."

In her own words, "It's cool, coz I got it like dat."

Later appearanceEdit

At eighteen, Victoria finally conceived and was on the Maury Show to announce her pregnancy. She claimed she had stopped stealing and had changed her ways for the better.


Victoria's baby, Javen Angel, was born on September 4, 2008.

Last AppearanceEdit

In 2010, Victoria came on the show to test Javen Angel's paternity. She believed her husband, Naul, to be the father. He turned out to be the father, but he was dubious about it before because of Victoria's history. By then, Victoria was pregnant again with his unborn child.

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